HOUDINI W's Alto Half Zip


Color: Willow Green
Size Size: XS
¥20,592 ¥28,600

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A warm and soft half-zip sweater made from natural and recycled fibers. Made in Sweden, Woolly Tree Merino ™ is a blend of meli wool and tencel that has a soft texture but is durable and breathable. In addition to the characteristics of wool, which does not impair heat retention even when wet, warmth in cold weather, and coolness in hot conditions, it also has natural antibacterial and deodorant effects and antistatic performance. Even when worn as a mid layer under a winter coat or shell jacket, it provides excellent heat retention, but the zip neck design allows excess heat to escape easily. With a simple design, it fits various scenes from outdoor activities to daily life.



Weight: 434g
Material: Woolly Tree Merino

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