HOUDINI M's Power Houdi

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The evolution of technology that advances day by day is amazing, new materials are being created one after another every year, and lightweight and sturdy gears are being created every year. And the movement called UL (Ultra Light) sits in the center of the current outdoor scene, but if you just focus on lightness and functionality, you lose more important things. I think it's the same in every industry that tends to end up. What is required of the gear to be worn is thatClothes (comfort)Isn't it? 

Swedish-born outdoor wear brandHoudiniThe garment is ready for activities such as climbing, skiing, trail running and biking, with features that blend in with any occasion and a simple design. The manufacturing that pursues the importance of comfort more than that is very close to the idea of Circles, even though it is different.

Power HoudiIs one of the representative items in HOUDINI. 

People who wear it through their sleeves will surely be surprised at how comfortable it is. It feels so fluffy that you might think it's magical. The magic is not just about touch. We are particular about the silhouette, and by arranging the pockets according to the seams, the wearer looks beautiful. Lightness and warmth, as well as being extremely sturdy, easy to move and stress-free, thanks to the Polartec Power Stretch Pro material made in the United States. It's elastic and hard to get stuffy, so I just wear it in winter.

[Material / Weight]

  • Polartech Power Stretch Pro / 424g

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