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Running gloves made by a manufacturer specializing in gloves from Sweden

HESTRAIs located in the southwestern part of Sweden in 1936.A brand specializing in gloves born in the small town of Hestra.
Under the brand philosophy cultivated in more than 80 years of history and traditionBy optimally combining traditional leather materials and functional materials,It is used all over the world as a reliable glove brand.

This Runners All WeatherIt is a glove that is easy to use not only for running and trekking using thin and soft fabric, but also for cycling. The back side of the hand prevents cold wind, and the palm side is slightly brushed. It has moderate heat retention and moisture permeability, so it is useful in seasons such as spring and autumn.
Touch screen compatible materials are used for the index finger and thumb.

HESTRAGlobe was born in HESTRA, a small town located in the southwestern part of Sweden, a Scandinavian country. Founder MARTIN started a company called HESTRA Handsken in 1936 to make gloves used by lumberjacks. MARTIN realized that skiers needed strong gloves and started making ski gloves. The tradition inherited from this founder is the development of highly functional materials and technologies that he could not even imagine today, combining knowledge and experience with comparative materials, and applying them to various places and applications. Gloves with the style of are produced. More than 70 years after the first gloves were made, HESTRA has established a solid position as a ski glove brand in Sweden, Scandinavian and other European countries, and many people in the United States and Japan. It is used regularly by.



Material: 100% polyester



  • HESTRA 3-layer interlock polyester fabric
  • Water repellent, windproof, breathable
  • Grip coating on palm
  • Touch screen compatible thumb and index finger



Hestra Glove Size 6 7 8 9 10 11
Hand Circumference (mm) 152 178 203 229 254 279
Hand Length (mm) 160 171 182 192 204 215

* Hand Circumference is the length around the back of the hand.
Cirumference of the hand is the circumference of the hand about 20mm above the thumb as shown in the figure below.
* Hand Length is the length from your fingertips to your wrist.

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