GSI OUTDOORS Halulite Boiler 1.1L


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GSI OUTDOORS is an outdoor cookware manufacturer founded in Santiago. In addition to excellent quality and technical capabilities, the unique and creative design created from the attitude of seriously wanting to enjoy the outdoors continues to attract outdoor enthusiasts.

Halulite Boiler 1.1L is a vertical ultra-light and simple cooker for 1-2 people, which is both light and easy to use. It contains 250 gas, and if it is a compact burner, it can also be used. Compact, lightweight and easy to carry, both in the mountains and in solo camps.

■ 1.1L size: 12.7 × 12.2 × 13cm
■ 1.1L weight: 244g
■ Accessories: Mesh staff sack
■ Material: Hard anodized aluminum

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