BLENDER BOTTLE Gostak Protable Stackable Containers

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Blender Bottle, founded in 2000, is a manufacturer that proposes high-quality products that make users' lives smarter.

A mini container that allows you to organize and carry as many things as you like

A versatile portable case that is highly sealed and does not allow the odor of food to leak out. The durable container can be carried while protecting powders, supplements and snacks without breaking even with slight impact. The twist lock system allows the cases to be connected up and down, and features a vertically long form that is easy to store. By changing the size and color, you can enjoy it by arranging it to your liking. Highly durable copolyester (Eastman tritan) is a material that does not easily transfer the color and odor of ingredients.It can be used for various purposes such as camping and mountains.

Contents: 150cc (86 x φ58mm, weight 60g)
   100cc (61 x φ58mm, weight 42g)
   60cc (42 x φ58mm, weight 30g)
   40cc (33 x φ58mm, weight 24g)
Handle size: 230 x φ58 mm
Material: Copolyester

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