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NANOGELITE Thermo Bottle 
NANOGELITE is a heat / cold bottle that uses the world's lightest heat insulating material "Nanogel" as a fixed object. 
The structure of Nanogel with nano-level pores traps gas at the molecular level, thereby dramatically reducing thermal conductivity. 
In addition, Nanogel's composition is 5% solid and the remaining 95% air, making it ultra-lightweight and flexible. 
NANOGE LITE using Nanogel has not only excellent heat and cold insulation capacity, but also lightweight, flexible and soft grip. 

● Easy-to-grip and soft ergnomic shape 
● The large-diameter main body opening is easy to put in large ice and clean. 
● The improved mouthpiece is clean and allows drinks to flow out quickly and can be removed for cleaning. 
● BPA-free, dishwasher compatible 

・ Capacity 650ml 

・ Heat retention capacity about 4 hours 

・ Heat resistant temperature 75 degrees

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