ELITE Deboyo Cycling Themo


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A thermo bottle that can keep cold and warm for up to 12 hours due to the excellent heat insulation performance of the vacuum double structure stainless steel body. 74mm diameter size compatible with elite bottle cages.

Two types of caps, a rubber cap for cycling and a stainless steel cap for mugs, are included, making them widely useful not only when cycling but also outdoors and in the office.

The wide caliber makes it easy to wash and put ice in it. The taste of the drink does not change for a long time in the stainless steel container. The container can inject up to 100 ° C drinks.


・ Heat / cold bottle

・ Diameter: 74mm

・ Capacity: 500ml

-Material: Stainless steel (American Iron and Steel Institute AISI 304) Vacuum insulation structure.

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