DEEPER'S WEAR One Swing Parka


Color: Gray
size: 2
¥6,600 ¥11,000

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The various restrictions and stresses of existing clothing. The apparel brand Deeperswear, RAL, which continues to overturn them with its own unique perspective, is always indebted.

If it's a one-swing hoodie that they deliver, even though it's made of cotton, it repels water like a raincoat.It doesn't matter if it rains a little or if you don't have an umbrella, it will make going out on a rainy day even easier.

The one-swing fabric has a water-repellent coating on each fiber, not on the surface, so it is characterized by ensuring water repellency and breathability at the same time.

In addition, it is made of a cotton material with moderate stretchability, which makes it comfortable to wear and does not easily lose its shape.



Made in Japan: 91% cotton 7% polyester 2% polyurethane


Size 1 (equivalent to ladies' S): Length 56 cm, Shoulder width 39.5 cm, Bust 95 cm, Sleeve length 53.5 cm
Size 2 (equivalent to ladies' M): Length 60 cm, Shoulder width 40.5 cm, Bust 99 cm, Sleeve length 55.5 cm
Size 3 (equivalent to men's S): Length 64 cm, Shoulder width 47.5 cm, Bust 105 cm, Sleeve length 62 cm
Size 4 (equivalent to men's M): Length 66 cm, Shoulder width 49 cm, Bust 109 cm, Sleeve length 64 cm
Size 5 (equivalent to men's L): Length 68 cm, Shoulder width 50.5 cm, Bust 113 cm, Sleeve length 66 cm
Size 6 (equivalent to men's XL): Length 70 cm, Shoulder width 52 cm, Bust 117 cm, Sleeve length 68 cm

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