RAL FastPass Active Shirt


COLOR: Giraffe Check
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Button-down box shirts that you'll want to wear casually for summer activities such as riding, hiking, and running are easy to put on and take off with snap buttons, and have a back pocket on the back right, just like the back pocket of a cycling jersey. You can store small items in the bag.
Most notable is its quick-drying property. At first glance, the ripstop-like fabric is very light, and the intersections of the grid lines are specially drilled with a laser, so it is breathable and does not get stuffy, so you can wear it comfortably all day long. You can stay. The fabric itself has water repellency, so it dries quickly even if you sweat, making it a great success in midsummer activities. Still, it also has stretchability. Also, thanks to the soft fabric that does not easily wrinkle, you can wear it immediately without worrying about spreading it, so it is useful when you carry it in your bag or when you travel.
Not to mention riding, it is a must-have item in the summer, such as mountain play and waterside activities. While sweating, you can pedal powerfully to cross the pass, enjoy a spectacular view from the summit, and blend in with the city.

Polyester 100%

* Will be the actual size
(2 / Ladies ’M) Length 63.5 cm Shoulder width 40.5 cm Bust 54.5 cm Sleeve length 19.5 cm
(3 / Men ’s S) Length 69 cm Shoulder width 43 cm Bust 56.5 cm Sleeve length 22 cm
(4 / Men ’s M) Length 71 cm Shoulder width 44.5 cm Bust 58.5 cm Sleeve length 22.5 cm
(5 / Men ’s L) Length 73 cm Shoulder width 46 cm Bust 60.5 cm Sleeve length 23 cm
(6 / Men ’s XL) Length 75 cm Shoulder width 47.5 cm Bust 62.5 cm Sleeve length 23.5 cm

* Actual size
(2 / Ladies M) Length 63.5cm Shoulder width 40.5cm Bust 54.5cm Sleeve length 19.5cm
(3 / Men's S) Length 69cm Shoulder width 43cm Bust 56.5cm Sleeve length 22cm
(4 / Men's M) Length 71cm Shoulder width 44.5cm Bust 58.5cm Sleeve length 22.5cm
(5 / Men's L) Length 73cm Shoulder width 46cm Bust 60.5cm Sleeve length 23cm
(6 / Men's XL) Length 75cm Shoulder width 47.5cm Bust 62.5cm Sleeve length 23.5cm

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