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The balance and functions hidden in the simple, for a more personal bicycle life. It looks cute, yet it has a great ride. It may be a wolf in sheep's skin. Crazy sheep is characterized by a smooth, comfortable stability and a sense of security as well as a powerful run.



First-step bicycle (with training wheels) for kids who have graduated from a run bike for toddlers.

Aluminum is used for the frame to reduce weight, and a brake lever and V-brake for kids are used so that even children with weak power can brake, and the saddle part is a saddle with integrated seat post (Yagraless) for small children. But it's easier to straddle.
The design is simple and timeless, and in a family with siblings, it is possible to pass it on to the younger one when the older one grows up.

-Lightweight aluminum frame that is easy for women to carry

・ Saddle with integrated seat post (minimum saddle height: 44 cm) for small children

-Equipped with a safety disc to prevent fingers from getting caught (removable)

・ Compact brake lever that is easy to grip even for children with low grip strength and V-brake with high braking strength (front brake is equipped with anti-lock modular)

・ Includes brown / ivory training wheels that match the chic frame color 

Frame: Aluminum
Weight: 8.2kg (without training wheels)
Tire Size: 16 x 1.75
Adaptation height: 90cm-115cm (approximate)

* The price includes the cost of 1,500 yen sent in a special box.

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