GORILLA SPUN Build Wheel Velocity Dually x ChrisKing ISO Disc Single Speed Hub (F & R Set)

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A semi-fat standard that is booming in the recent MTB world. + The outstanding stability brought about by the project is unthinkable with other tires. The door to a new world should open. The hub is Chrisking ISO, which boasts outstanding performance in all aspects such as rotation and strength. This one will change the world view of bicycles.

Rims: Velocity Dually (27.5 ")
Hubs: ChrisKing ISO Disc Single Speed Hub
Spokes: Philwood # 14 (Brass)
Nipples: Philwood (Brass)
* It is offered at the amount of service (free) of the set wages!
* This is a special offer product (20% off), so we do not accept returns due to customer convenience. 

Hand-assembled wheels (Wheel Building) recommended by Circles.
You can freely choose the rim, hub, spokes, and nipples, and you can finely adjust the spoke tension according to the rider's favorite riding taste and weight.

* Gorilla Spun's proud hand-assembled wheel. You can also choose rims, hubs, spokes and nipples. If you purchase all of them at Circles, the wheel assembly wages are free. If you don't have your favorite wheel on the WebShop Click herePlease contact us for consultation.

The wheels are assembled like this.

What are the wheels on a bicycle? It is an important part for the bicycle to move forward, and it has a great influence on the appearance because it is said that "fashionable is from your feet". Such a very, very important part "wheel". This time, it's not about how performance is, but how it is assembled.

In the world of bicycle wheels, there are two types, "complete assembly" and "hand assembly".

"Complete assembly" is a product that the wheel maker sends out as a finished product, and we shop mechanics rarely make major adjustments. (Fine adjustment is necessary, and some of them can't be helped unless you put your hands in it.) Due to this kind of configuration, it is adjusted for an unspecified number of people or for professional or professional grade. Some of them are made, and they are not made while looking at each customer.

That's why Circles is good at "hand-knitting".

The advantage of "hand assembly" is that you can assemble a "wheel" that is just fit for the user by selecting each part that makes up the wheel just like a letter and assembling and completing it by our mechanics. ..

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