CHRIS KING 2Nut 1-1/8"


COLOR: Silver / SV
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Chris King manufactures two types of threaded headsets. One is a conventional general threaded headset“2Nut”, And the other has a mechanism unique to Chris King“GripNut”

Two threaded headsets that look exactly the same at first glance, but the upper mechanics of the upper one differ. Which one to chooseAttach a head spacer or cable hanger,Please choose the length of the fork column, taking these two points into consideration.

*2 Nut

2 Nut of the traditional style to clamp with an adjusting nut and a lock nut isIf you plan to combine a head spacer for stack height adjustment or a cable hanger for braking, it's a great headset.. It has received strong support from Cyclocrosser and Randonneur all over the world. To installThe fork column should protrude above the adjusting nut by at least 5 threads


There are two types of logo types.
・Sotto Voce (same color as the body)
*Silver is only for Sotto Voce

Size: 1-1/8" 2Nut Threaded Headsets

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