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TACOMA FUJI meets Circles

Tacoma Fuji Records (TACOMA FUJI RECORDS)is a T-shirt brand based on the concept of a fictitious record label. When I asked Nabe, the organizer, to make a T-shirt with the image of Circles on it, he gave me one reply and readily agreed!

Finally, TACOMA FUJI meets Circles was born here!

Below is a loving message from Mr. Nabe, but the scenery where all the residents of this beloved land called Nagoya, where we were born and raised, are wearing this T-shirt and doing pottering while smiling. I think it would be great if you could see it!

Message from NABE 

"Early Birds is a good place to eat breakfast in Nagoya. It's next to Circles." I didn't know the situation in Nagoya at all, so I probably first recognized the Circles name when I popped up on Tumbleweed for the first time. I think I heard it from Mr. Imoto when we developed it. Tumbleweed's neighborhood is a no-brainer (THE entertainment district), so it wasn't until 2018, a few years after that conversation, that I learned about Nagoya other than that area. I got acquainted with Kakuozan Larder Niwa-kun, who sold T-shirts of Ryohei Kazumi, who is indebted to Tacoma Fuji in forests, roads, and markets. The gear accelerated from around the time I visited Inocchi and Mr. Tanaka, the representative of Circles, at a banquet. The following year, there was a night at the legendary Koganeya, and when I think about it now, Nishihara-chan, who was in Nagoya for some reason and helped me with the pop-up even though I had no connection at all, created HAPPY HOUR, and a real store POT of Inocchi was born. I was able to open and do a pop-up, and I got along well with Mr. and Mrs. Niwa.

On a hangover morning, the standard course is forced start with Arriba's hot sandwich. While Keita-kun is cooking, I feel comfortable chatting with Circles' Yanak, Yuya-kun, and Tomo-yan about the details of the previous night's deep drinking. It may be a coincidence, but everyone I meet is a nice guy in Nagoya.

What's more comfortable is the rhythm of the people of Nagoya. When I meet Kantoku and Naoka, who come to me wherever I am and talk as if they've been together for a long time, I realize that I've come to Nagoya. Mr. Tanaka, representative of Circles, made a request last year saying, "I want you to make a Circles T-shirt according to Mr. Nabe's interpretation." At first, I thought it was a big bicycle shop with a lot of staff, but when I was in Nagoya, I understood a little. I think Circles is really about community. There are various people, various jobs, living in the same city and living at their own pace. I've always been really bad at belonging to somewhere, but for some reason Circles is different. I can see the beauty of that community.

T-Shirts Circles is an artwork created by James Ulmer, in which diverse people support each other to form a circle. Tacoma Fuji expresses gratitude to everyone involved in Circles. It's honestly a very nice T-shirt. Thank you.



Made by TACOMA FUJI RECORD in Tokyo, Japan
HAND to HAND Designed by James Ulmer 
Material : Cotton 100%


  S M L XL
Width 48 52 56 60
Length 64 67 70 73
sleeve length 19 20 21 22
* Finished dimensions (flat / cm)

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