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Everybody loves Chuey !!!

Chewy brandBased in San Francisco, California, is a manufacturer that manually manufactures bicycle-related products, mainly caps, one by one.

These hats are carefully designed to be worn one by one, whether it's a weekend race, a daily ride, or even in everyday life when you're not riding a bike. The product line that is used captivates many people. The fabrics used in products with a great sense of chewy are mainly the vintage skirts and jackets of Pendleton from the 1960s to the 1980s, which are found in thrift shops (so-called second-hand stores). And the lining is covered with colorful fabrics that you will find locally when you visit your father who lives in Africa. All of them are solid, have a good texture, and have a good sense as a matter of course, and the personality of the creator Chewy oozes into the product.

With out Retrotec Logo: ¥ 5,830_ (A ~ E)

With Retrotec Logo : ¥ 7340_ (F ~ Q)

* The color and pattern of each fabric is different.

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