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Light is the main forceCat eyeButSunscreenReleased "Cyclist Eye".A full-scale sports sunscreen that protects the skin of bicycle lovers from UV rays.

  • Firmly protects from UV rays
  • Hard to remove even if you sweat
  • Non-chemical prescription
  • Easy to remove with soap

What is a non-chemical prescription?
It is a prescription that prevents UV damage without causing a chemical reaction by using a UV scattering agent.


What is SPF50 + 
SPF is an index that shows the effect of protecting the skin from ultraviolet B waves (causing redness, inflammation, age spots, freckles). "SPF50 +" is a sunscreen index suitable for places with very strong UV rays and people who are sensitive to UV rays.

What is PA ++++
PA is a symbol that shows the effect of protecting the skin from ultraviolet A waves (which reach the dermis of the skin and darken the skin or lose its elasticity over a long period of time). "PA ++++" indicates that it is "extremely effective".


Detailed information

Contents: 40mL
Product classification: UV protector (sunscreen)
UV protection effect: SPF50 + ・ PA ++++
Fragrance: Unscented

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