CAT EYE Rapid micro Auto


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Rechargeable lightweight and compact auto light model
Automatically emits light when vibration is detected in a dark place such as at night or in a tunnel
  • Compact & lightweight body of about 15lm
  • Auto mode that automatically turns on / off with the brightness sensor & vibration sensor and manual mode that forcibly turns on / off
  • Equipped with alternate mode in which two LEDs blink alternately
  • Highly visible lighting pattern (lighting / alternate / rapid)
  • The afterglow function maintains light emission for about 50 seconds even after stopping.
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • The mode memory function starts lighting in the mode when it is off.
  • Equipped with battery indicator
  • Battery auto save function that switches the light emission pattern to blink when the battery is low*1
  • Includes Micro USB cable for charging
  • Includes bracket (SP-14-R) that can be quickly fixed to the seatpost without tools
  • Can be attached to a pocket or bag with a C-2 clip (optional)

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