CAFE DU CYCLISTE M's Cosette Merino Baselayer


COLOR: Super Black
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Cosette is a base layer made from a blend of merino wool and ceramic microfiber. In addition to the high heat retention and hygroscopicity that are characteristic of merino wool, the effect of ceramic microfiber causes heat reflection, and it is possible to keep the body temperature warm even in the cold season. In addition, part of the body temperature absorbed by the thread is formed as far infrared rays and activates metabolism. The gray and black two-tone colors can be well-balanced with any jersey or jacket.


Size: Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
Size Guides: XS (chest circumference ~ 93 cm, waist circumference ~ 78 cm, arm length ~ 60 cm)
S (chest circumference 93-98 cm, waist circumference 78-81 cm, arm length 60-62 cm)
M (chest circumference 98-102 cm, waist circumference 81-87 cm, arm length 62-64 cm)
L (chest circumference 102-106 cm, waist circumference 87-91 cm, arm length 64-66 cm)
XL (chest circumference 106-110 cm, waist circumference 91-95 cm, arm length 66-68 cm)
Material: Material: 49% merino wool, 23% polyamide, 28% polypropylene

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