BROOKS Cambium C15 Organic Light


Color: Natural
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BROOKS'Cambium Organic Light is made from a material called liquid wood that can be produced as a by-product of wood in paper mills by changing the front and rear bases that support the rails to conventional steel.

Liquidwood is a recyclable plant fiber that is extracted during the production of paper pulp and is extremely durable and durable, yet lighter than traditional steel bases. And above all, it is a biodegradable, naturally-friendly material.

Unique flexibility, maintenance-free and waterproof saddle tops are designed to provide comfort and ease of use. It has a hammock-like structure, so it absorbs vibrations and shocks and is as comfortable as a leather saddle.

The natural look and feel is due to the woven organic cotton fabric. The vulcanized cotton is waterproofed with Brooks Numac for complete protection from everything from rain and dirt.

Since the C15 is a narrow type, it is suitable for those who love cycling as a sport because it is suitable for leaning forward.



Width: 140mm
Length: 283mm
Weight: 378g
Material: Hardened natural rubber, organic cotton, liquid wood

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