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Saddle width 145mm
CAMBIUM C13 carbon saddle

Carbon rail Cambium C13 series standard width 145mm width model.

The weight is 295g, which is about 150g lighter than the existing CAMBIUM, but the rubber structure of the saddle top remains the same. Thanks to the carbon rail, it is easy to experience the bending of the seat surface, which is a characteristic of the hammock saddle, and it can comfortably protect the rider from the slight vibration caused by long-distance riding.

The C13, which shows an exquisite fusion of lightness and vibration absorption, will increase the enjoyment of new riding. 
Excellent compatibility with carbon bikes.

What is the CAMBIUM series?
After a seven-year development period, the innovative saddle, announced, is made of hardened natural rubber and organic cotton canvas reinforced with a thin layer of fibrous structure, allowing for flexibility and long-term use of Brooks tradition. It is a saddle. The unique flexibility, maintenance-free and waterproof saddle top is designed to provide rider comfort and ease of use.
With a hammock-like structure, it absorbs vibrations and shocks while giving you riding comfort that feels like a leather saddle. Also, the natural look and feel is due to the woven organic cotton fabric. The vulcanized cotton is waterproofed with Brooks Numac for complete protection from everything from rain and dirt.

2017 C13 line expanded significantly.
We propose a concept that allows you to select the saddle according to the width of the sciatic nerve and the riding posture. 


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