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"BORED" is a representative workshop of Kannana, which produces original oils and tuned bearings and tunes up bearings based in Ohara, Setagaya, Tokyo.


An ultra-low viscosity semi-synthetic grease for lubrication, which is the normal lineup of BORED METHOD DIVISION.

The properties and unique stringing characteristics that image Cemedine have ultra-low viscosity suitable for places where lubrication performance and rotation performance are the main, but also have extreme pressure performance and anti-friction performance, which are the concepts of BORED METHOD, and are 2 of general-purpose lithium grease. Achieves more than double the rust prevention and durability.

By increasing the mixing ratio of the base oil and various additives to be blended, the grease is extremely oily and smooth, but the adhesiveness of the grease is extremely improved by the effect of the viscoelastic additive. It prevents scattering and suppresses the viscosity from becoming a resistance to lubrication performance and rotation performance to the utmost limit.

It is recommended to use it in places where strokes and slides are frequent, mainly for applications that require lubrication performance and rotation performance such as bearings and shafts.
Like other BORED METHOD products, we continue to stick to the highest quality 100% synthetic oil, do not use chlorine-based materials or heavy metal materials that are harmful to the environment or organisms, and do not use solid additives such as teflon and molybdenum. Ingredients that are not used are policies from the time BORED METHOD was established.

--Fishing reel
 Main gear, pinion gear, needle bearing, etc.
 Cassette hub ratchet, shield hub bearing, wire, etc.
 Metal gear, metal gear, shaft, etc.

Product name: LDG
Type: Ultra-low viscosity semi-synthetic grease for lubrication
Ingredients: Lithium complex thickener, naphthenic highly refined oil, polyalphaolefin synthetic oil, vegetable sulfur-based extreme pressure additive, viscoelastic addition, and other compounds
Capacity: Approximately 25g
Container: Light-shielding polypropylene container


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