BORED Bluelug's Blue Grease


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A bicycle created in collaboration with "BORED", a workshop representing Kanshichi, which produces original oil and tuned bearings and tunes up bearings based in Ohara, Setagaya, Tokyo, and Blue Rug, which has a store along Nakano-dori in Shibuya Ward. For grease.


It can be used in various places, from assembling stems, handles, cranks, seatposts, to bearings for BBs and head parts.

Easy-to-use lithium soap grease is used as a thickener for the base. Furthermore, it is a semi-synthetic grease that also has chemical adsorption on metal surfaces by blending synthetic base oil.

The consistency that expresses the viscosity of grease is equivalent to No. 1, and the viscosity is designed with the target of familiarity and ease of use. It feels like it slowly dissolves on the human skin and is very easy to use, and because it contains a lot of oil, it does not easily oxidize.

It is especially effective when tightening heads, pedals, seatposts, BBs, etc. with high torque, and even cup and cone bearings can obtain smooth rotation without disturbing lubrication resistance.

It is resistant to changes in moisture and temperature, and minimizes oil dripping in midsummer and viscosity hardening in midwinter.

Recommended grease from parts assembly to daily maintenance.

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