BLUE LUG Meshenger Pad

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MESHENGER PAD is a back pad that can be easily attached to a messenger bag or backpack.

The size is increased in the vertical and horizontal directions, and the four independent elastic cords are attached to the back.
As usual, the simple structure allows you to freely change the location of the mesh hole through which the string is passed according to the bag to be used.You can use a backpack or a messenger.

The mesh material provides good breathability, and the gap between the back and the bag makes it difficult to sweat on the back even on hot days or long rides.Since the mesh material has a thickness of about 5 mm, it also acts as a cushion, reducing fatigue even when carrying heavy luggage on your back.

Of course, you can wash it completely by removing the draw cord and plastic parts.
It is a recommended item that you can ride comfortably all year round, whether it is hot or cold.


Size: width 40 cm, length 26 cm
Thickness: 5mm
Can be washed completely by removing the draw cord and metal fittings (dryer cannot be used)

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