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Multi-use small handle back

RuIs a multi-use small handlebar back. On the rideTo protect your valuables, the interior is filled with polyfoam. AccompanyingSecure it to the handlebar and stem with two hook-and-loop fasteners, and hook the string from the bottom to the frame. A convenient back that can be attached to almost any size handlebar, stem or frame.

With a unique and subdued color scheme, and focused on quality and comfort, the product is handmade in one corner of the ART QUARTER BUDAPEST in Budapest.

[Product Details]

Size: 15cm (height) x 9cm (diameter)
Weight: 150g
Material: Waxed Canvas (other than OLIVE), Impregnated CO/PE Canvas (OLIVE)
Liner: PE (Beige)

Product is made in Hungary

[About Blind Chic.]

ART QUARTER BUDAPEST (AQB) in Budapest, Hungary.
Blind Chic.'s studio is located in the building, which is an art house providing a venue for various artists to express themselves.

Fashion designer Julia and graphic designer Neza, who met on the road trip from Ljubljana in Slovenia to Budapest in Hungary, focused on bags and soft shell jackets.

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