BLIND CHIC Gorilla Jacket Women's 17-18


Size Size: XS
Color: Black
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The gorilla jacket is a soft shell jacket that meets the needs of urban cyclists running through the concrete jungle. It has excellent functionality to have a comfortable cycle life even in the harsh cold of midwinter, such as water repellency to prevent sudden rain and light rain, windproof to shut out cold wind, and heat retention to keep the body warm. ..

Based on feedback from a female cyclist in Budapest, the patterning is designed to allow you to take a smooth riding position, with ventilation for ventilation and a thumbhole that raises your wrists and prevents wind from entering through your cuffs. It is equipped with functional aspects that are particular about every detail such as ribs. 

・ Lycra cuff warmer with thumbhole
・ Ventilation under the armpit
・ Ventilation and back pocket
・ Chest pocket that does not prevent removal even if you carry a messenger bag on your back
・ YKK waterproof front zipper

Size: Size: XS (front length 66 cm, back length 70.5 cm, width 49 cm, sleeve length 78 cm)
S (front length 66 cm, back length 70.5 cm, width 51 cm, sleeve length 80 cm)
M (front length 67 cm, back length 71.5 cm, width 53 cm, 82 sleeve length cm)
L (front length 67 cm, back length 71.5 cm, width 55 cm, sleeve length 84 cm)

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