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Bedrock sandals from Richmond, California with a minimalist design and high performance. From everyday life to running and trekking, and as a companion to camping touring, these sandals will definitely fit our lifestyle.

Bedrock has a vision of making the best sandals for various outdoor fields, and in 2011 by two people who dreamed of wearing those sandals and walking everywhere on the planet and getting to know them all. It was established. The sandals they make are very simple, based on the leather straps and soles traditionally used by the hill tribes, with nylon straps and plastic buckles as the material.

The classic is a basic model with a 9mm thick sole, which is standard in the bed lock lineup. The two straps on the buckle are adjustable in each direction and fit the shape of the instep of the wearer, reducing stress and providing a high degree of fixation. It has become. In addition, a rubber-like material is used to prevent slipping on the strap that hangs on the heel. Since this rubber-like article has excellent durability, it is also used as a protective material for the strap part that touches the ground, but in fact, we are using this material, a waste tube that is familiar to us. ..

The moderately thick Vibram sole provides minimal sole protection and grip for many fields. In addition, the ballistic nylon attached to the footbed improves the frictional force with the sole of the foot even when it is wet, and also has the role of reducing the thrust from the sole of the foot such as tree branches and rocks. Bedrock sandals with a simple and minimal design, but from their products you can hear their vision of wanting to make the best sandals everywhere.

Even now, it is difficult to show you the large quantity and color development because of the carefully made sandals of each Richmond workshop, but little by little, bed lock users to many people. I would be very happy if you could become.

This classic is the successor to the Syncline. The making has not changed, and the thickness of some soles has been reduced to 9 mm.

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