BEDROCK Cairn Pro II Adventure Sandals


Color: Big Water Blue
Size: 7/8
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Adventure sandals that break through any field

Bedrock has a vision to make the best sandals that can be used in a variety of outdoor fields, and in 2011, two people with the dream of wearing those sandals to walk everywhere on earth and know everything Was established. Their sandals are based on sandals made of leather straps and soles traditionally used by hill tribes, and are very simple with nylon straps and plastic buckles substituted for that material.

High-end model with all the latest features

Of bedrock sandals which appeared as new style sandals suitable for outdoor activitiesCologne is an outsole for 3D with a three-dimensional footbed and grip for comfort when used for a long time.Made by VibramSeveral models have been released according to the intended use of the player, such as PRO with MEGAGRIP PRO Regolith Vibram® Sole. thisCologne Pro IIIsOne pair with the best performance in Cologne at the moment produced by such bedrock.

Further improved durability

Although the basic structure is the same as the previous Cologne Pro, the method of fixing the heel strap isFrom VelcroLike the straps on the inside of the footG hookSpecification usingIt has been changed. This of course has excellent durability for long-term use,It is also indispensable for maintaining excellent fixing power even in watersides and mud ponds.

This may seem like a small change, but it is a very important point for long-term use.

Strap system that fits everyone

The three straps centered on the O-ring on the instep part and the heel strap hold the foot even when the soles are wet or socks are worn. Also, by utilizing these straps, it is possible to finely adjust the position of the foot on the sole in the front/rear and left/right directions. Since the angle of the thong and the position where the O-ring hits the instep can be finely adjusted, it is possible to minimize the stress of tightening on the foot even when firmly held.

Uses vibram sole for high grip

Custom made to Vibram with a thickness of 14 mm (8 mm midsole / 6 mm outsole),The Regolith Vibram® Sole hasIt has a unique deep groove for high grip and running. The shape is the same for all Cologne series, but by using MEGAGRIP PRO made by Vibram as the compound, it has an excellent grip force to firmly grasp the ground even in wet rocky areas and muddy ridges. In addition, since the sole itself has increased hardness, it exerts the effect of reducing the rush to the sole of the foot in rocky places. 

The secret of comfort lies in the parts that come into contact with the feet

In addition, the surface of the midsole uses a diamond pattern called GraniteGrip to create an escape area for sweat, water, etc., and to keep the area in contact with the skin constantly and keep it clean. By using this type of sole, you can ensure reliable cushioning and stability, and make it more comfortable to wear for a long time.

Various functions

  • The three straps centered on the O-ring on the instep part and the heel strap hold the foot even when the soles are wet or socks are worn.
  • The outsole Vibram® MEGAGRIP uses a special, highly adhesive rubber material. It has better grip performance than the ones used in Cologne. With its aggressive design and squared sole shape, it has greatly improved grip performance and durability while eliminating dirt and debris. 
  • Equipped with a 8mm thick Gopher midsole that is more durable, lighter and more elastic than EVA.
  • The Granite Grip Footbed features grooved three-way traction that provides incredible grip in both dry and wet conditions while at the same time keeping your feet comfortable.

■Introduction article

[BEDROCK SANDALS] 2020 model has arrived



(Men 4 / Women 5) Length 22cm | Width 8.3cm
(Men 5 / Women 6) Length 23cm | Width 8.7cm
(Men 6 / Women 7) Length 24cm | Width 9.2cm
(Men 7 / Women 8) Length 25cm | Width 9.5cm
(Men 8 / Women 9) Length 26cm | Width 9.8cm
(Men 9 / Women 10) Length 27cm | Width 10.3cm
(Men 10 / Women 11) Length 28cm | Width 10.6cm
(Men 11 / Women 12) Length 29cm | Width 11.1cm

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