BAR MITTS Dual Mitts

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In the conventional model, only the brake lever bracket part is covered, and if you want to grasp the drop part (lower hand), you have to put your hand out in the cold once. The new Dual Mitts newly adopts a unique design that allows you to change the grip of the brake lever bracket part and the drop part in the mitt, it is easy to install and it can be easily attached and detached according to changes in temperature. became.



Material: Neoprene
Thickness: 5.5mm
Size: One size fits all
Color: Black
Weight: 305g (pair)

* Supports anatomical style drop bar
(Not suitable for round drop bars)
* In the case of the STI lever of the hydraulic disc brake, it may not be possible to install it due to the large bulge at the tip.

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