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Bib tights for the midwinter, arranged for women

One year behind the development of the men's model. The long-awaited "ULTRAZ WINTER = for severe winter" winter tights with the strongest specifications are now available. In developing the UMA GT ULTRAZ WINTER BIB TIGHTS, Associates has sampled the skeletons of many women around the world to find the most comfortable fit for women, the best mobility for cycling, and a clean silhouette. Realized a three-dimensional pattern to keep.

Reliable double layer structure

Among the original fleece materials of Asos, "RX HEAVY", which has the highest heat retention, is mainly used. By covering the surface with "NEOS ULTRAZ", a soft shell material with excellent wind resistance, water repellency, and moisture permeability, a strong double layer called "TWIN DECK" is formed. Due to the synergistic effect of two types of materials with different properties, we have improved the cold protection and the ability to respond to bad weather.

Reinforced with a windproof soft shell, a sense of security that does not soothe anywhere

One of the most notable points of product evolution is the soft shell material "NEOS ULTRA Z". The surface of this "NEOS ULTRA Z" is made of 100% windproof polyurethane bonding film. By covering the area from the lower abdomen to below the knees, which is exposed to the running wind, and the back of the thigh, which is easily cooled by the wind that slips through the side of the body, the feeling of the wind coming out is eliminated. In addition, the strong water-repellent effect of the polyurethane binding film prevents the intrusion of cold rain and snow.

A slightly thin fleece material near the back of the knee where the wind does not hit

The area from the back of the knee to the calf, which is not exposed to the wind and is easy to feel stuffy, is made of "RX LIGHT" fleece material, which is one step thinner and has improved breathability. It has a structure that makes it easy for hot air to escape from the back side. The difficulty with cyclins in winter is to maintain a constant balance with the heat generated by exercise while being cooled by the wind received from the front. In MILLE GT ULTRAZ WINTER BIB TIGHTS, by dividing the warmth into three stages according to the part, you can feel the warmth in a well-balanced manner as a whole.

Outstanding stability and stress-free upper body

The upper body follows the Y7 frame structure, which has been proven in S7 bib shorts. The wide and flexible strap has a structure that disperses the pressure applied to the chest, shoulders and back, and fits neatly in a Y shape between the shoulder blades so that you do not feel the stress you are wearing. The back panel works well as a stabilizer that limits vertical expansion and contraction and stabilizes the pad position.

Monobib structure that is kind to the female body

ASSOS women's bibs (suspenders) have a "mono bib" structure that descends in a Y-shape so as not to interfere with women's breasts. By adopting a magnet for the front buckle, it is very easy to put on and take off. In addition, there is no trouble that it will come off when dancing.
* Since the neck and back are connected to the main body, it is necessary to take off your jacket and then the suspenders when washing your hands.

Regular fit that is easy for anyone to wear

UMA GT ULTRAZ WINTER BIB TIGHTS adopts a loose regular fit. Due to the high expansion and contraction rate of the entire material and the pattern with few changes according to the riding posture, it is characterized by a soft fit with just enough. We recommend it as a product that is easily accepted by people of all sizes. Simply put, it's "easy to wear" and "easy to fit." In winter, it can be a hassle to get dressed for cycling, but you can change clothes quickly. It is an item that you should use hard for daily training and commuting rides.

Ladies exclusive pad = 8mm thick insert

Equipped with a pad developed exclusively for ladies. The pad with black color on the skin is equipped with the standard 8mm thick memory foam in Associates. In addition, Asos's unique patented technology is incorporated. The 3D waffle increases the breathability of the entire pad and contributes to weight reduction. GOLDEN GATE floats both sides of the pad to reduce frictional skin damage and provide the best fit. It is a pad with necessary and sufficient functions in every scene.

Large reflector on the calf

A reflector is placed on the back side of the thigh to improve visibility in dark hours and in tunnels. It is very useful for ensuring safety.



A feeling of size: Ladies regular fit
Material: 81% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 1% Polyester
Country of origin: Bulgaria

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