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The most sophisticated base layer in the history of Assos has been born.

This season, we have taken the SKIN LAYER series to a higher level than the previous SKIN FOIL series in terms of every aspect of performancE

The new SKIN LAYER series is the first layer that comes in contact with the skin, in other words, the base layer is the most important item for regulating metabolic functions. The latest answer is the use of our original carbon fiber blended fiber, which has excellent quick-drying and anti-bacterial properties. The body is woven into a tubular shape using the circular seamless method, and fits comfortably against the skin with even tension.

The secret lies in the uneven border lines.

The fine border lines throughout have a three-dimensional uneven structure when looked at closely, and the areas that are in close contact with the skin promote sweat processing while the areas slightly away from the skin form an insulating layer of air, allowing you to feel dry and comfortable under any conditions The result is a dry and comfortable feeling in any condition.

Three actions of carbon fiber
"Lightness," "Durability," and "Antimicrobial action"

The benefits of the revised manufacturing process do not stop there; by weaving in carbon fiber, the weight is reduced by 10% compared to the previous product, without compromising durability. The lightness and fluffiness of the fabric, which is almost feather-like, keeps other baselayers at bay. In addition, the anti-bacterial properties of carbon fiber work to suppress the formation of odor-causing bacteria.

Wool blending provides warmth deep into the body.

ULTRAZ WINTER SKIN LAYER boasts overwhelming cold protection among the new SKIN LAYER series. 30% of the total wool is blended to fill the gaps between the synthetic fibers, providing maximum heat capacity. The high-density fiber structure also makes it windproof. This base layer is not recommended for those who are hot, that is how deep inside the body you will feel warm and fuzzy.

A base layer is one of the most important items to protect your body when cycling in winter. This is because, unlike in the summer, the wind that you are exposed to while riding in the winter is a ferocious cold air that will freeze you to the bonE The ULTRAZ WINTER LS SKIN LAYER is constructed of a thick knit polypropylene/wool blend tailored for the harsh winter conditions. While storing body heat closest to the skin, sweat can be smoothly transferred to the outer layer. In addition to the comfortable warmth that only wool can provide, it also has properties that keep sweat from feeling cold. We recommend this product for those who are sensitive to cold and those who live in areas along the mountains where it is cold. It is also a base layer that can be used safely in running situations without too much intensity.

The high neck is also effective in keeping the internal organs cool.

The high neck covering the neck is surprisingly effectivE By not exposing the neck to the outside air, it keeps the blood flow cool and protects the heart, the body's enginE

Adoption of separate sizes and silhouettes for men and women.

Asos base layers used to be unisex, but starting with the SKIN LAYER series, we now offer separate sizes for men and women. In consideration of the differences between the male and female skeletons, the men's version has a box silhouette with a straight shoulder transition. The women's version has raglan sleeves with rounded shoulders. The material is highly elastic, so if you prefer a tighter fit, we recommend a size smaller than the manufacturer's recommendation.


Material : 50% Polypropylene, 31% Wool, 10% Polyamide, 6% Elastane, 3% Carbon Fiber
Weight: 165g (1 size, actual measurements)
Country of Origin: Italy

Size Conversion Chart

Chest circumference
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