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Bib shorts, which can be called the face of Assos, wear a noble color called amethyst (purple).In 2014, it was finally renewed to the next generation.

The new product, which was announced after 6 years of research and development, is completely made of materials and made.
It's a new one.
By migrating to the S7 generation instead of the most successful S5 generation shorts of all time,
An ambitious work that will change the standards of the industry. It is exactly "GAME CHANGER".

-14% LESS VOLUME --LIGHTER (reduction of capacity and weight)
-23% LESS GENITAL PRESSURE (reduces pressure on the crotch)
-47% FEWER SEAMS --LESS FRICTION (reduces seams and reduces friction with the skin)
+ 17% MORE SOFT COMPRESSION (more soft)
+ 21% MORE BREATHABILITY --DRY (improved breathability, drier) * Compared to S5

The big feature of S7 bib shorts isIt is as follows.

① Y7 frame bib
The structure of the back part that is thinned in a Y shape and the seamless descending from the outside than before
The suspenders make it difficult to feel the tension on the shoulders, while the fabric does not wrinkle.
It is now a perfect fit for the body with minimal fabric.
The feeling that the body is gently wrapped in the fabric. For those who are not good at suspenders 
It is a bib short that you should definitely try.

② Golden gate pad
Until now, all cycling shorts pads have been sewn and fixed around them.
On the other hand, in the S7 shorts, the seams between the legs are interrupted and are not sewn.
The most sensitive pad moves freely in three dimensions with each pedaling.
This dramatically improves the fit of the crotch area of the pad.
To put it simply, the pad doesn't feel fluffy.
Also, since that part is not sewn, there are no seams that cause rubbing, and
There is no unpleasant rise at the edge of the pad due to individual differences in pelvic width.
With the Golden Gate, the stress on the inner thigh is approaching zero!

③ Aero pattern
Adopted a pattern that minimizes the seams of the entire bib shorts.
This is a wind tunnel test during the development of the chrono suit of the Swiss team at the 2012 London Olympics.
It came from research.
Never before has shorts been constructed with such few seams.

④ Super flat gripper
The newly developed gripper is an ultra-thin material that evenly touches the skin with soft pressure.
There is less pressure on the thighs, while the hem is firmly attached and fixed.
It is less likely to feel stress even when worn for a long time.
The thigh fit is now gentler and softer.


COLOR blackSeries
fit Comfort fit
Recommended operating temperature range 25℃~
Main textile Type.439
UV cut UPF 50+
Material 74% PA, 18% EA, 8% PL

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