ARUNDEL Gordo Saddle Bag


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A seamless structure is realized by performing a special crimping called sonic welding between nylon fabrics impregnated with highly waterproof thermoplastic polyurethane. In addition to a smart appearance with no steps, it prevents water from entering the bag, and while being lightweight, it also has the high durability of the bag itself.

The 1.5-inch wide nylon strap is also the icon for the new saddle bag. With this wide strap, your bag won't run wild when riding on dirt roads.

GORDO is the largest of the three waterproof saddle bag series and is recommended for those looking for a saddle bag with a large capacity. In addition to tubular tires, portable pumps, wire locks, etc., it is also possible to put in small shell jackets.



Size: 20cm x 10.5cm x Width: 5cm
Capacity: 700ml

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