ALTRA Superior 3.0 Men


SIZE: 10.5
COLOR: Gray / Blue
¥9,702 ¥15,400

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ALTRA is called "ZERO DROP" and is characterized by a 1: 1 ratio of heel to toe sole height.
SUPERIOR was developed for short races that demand speed among shoes for trail running. It is 3.0 updated to new color.
Cushioning and friction performance have been improved compared to 2.0, rigidity has been increased by adding reinforcement to the upper, and the lugs on the outsole have become deeper, making the shoe more trail-pulled.

Of the same trail modelLONE PEAKCompared to the sole, the sole is a little harder, and the stack height is also lowered by about 4 mm.
In addition, the removable lock plate allows adjustment according to the situation.

Uses: Trail running, hiking, backpacking, off-road racing
Weight: 247g (10.5 inches)
Color:-Gray / Blue-Navy / Black

[About size]

      * SUPERIOR 3.0 uses a different foot shape from LONE PEAK. We recommend increasing the size by 1 to 1.5 cm.

* Please read the following items carefully to maximize the effect of Altra Zero Drop Shoes.
・ To fit the shoe correctly, the toe and tip of the shoe should be
 It's about 1.3 cm awayPlease choose a size.
・ "Zero Drop Shoes" can relax not only the feet but also the whole body, and you can run with a feeling close to nature.
・ At first, the toes feel loose, but after a few days, the forefoot will expand and you will become accustomed to that feeling.
・ If you can grasp the above feeling firmly, it will be the most stable, comfortable and "powerful" driving will be realized.

Why do you need new shoes now?

 With so many shoe brands out there, you still wonder which shoes to choose, and do you really need a new shoe brand? This was a big question that came to my mind before I started "ALTRA". From the experience of a former American long-distance runner and the position of a running shop manager, I have been begging various major shoe makers for many years to make shoes that "can reduce heel strikes" in a "natural state". I came, but unfortunately I couldn't find a pair of shoes that I was satisfied with. After a while, I tried a number of shoes that had been scraped off the heel and modified to a "zero drop" state, and after a while I started recommending them to runners, so that there was a clear improvement for runners with disabilities and users who gave up running. I decided to make a prototype of "ZERO DROP". Shortly thereafter, the book "Born To Run" became a huge hit in the United States, and barefoot running became known to the public.


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