ALLCITY Space Horse Frame Set 2021


SIZE: 49cm
COLOR: Dusty Rose
¥118,602 ¥131,780

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One of the most widely used cars of the brand, which has a lineup of many models such as road, cyclocross, and mountain.Space hose disc

It is a concept bike that can serve as a life companion such as touring, gravel riding, and even daily commuting and shopping.

Bend forks stand out in All-City, which has the impression that many frames use straight forks in the recent lineup.

Since it is made with a design concept that requires a sense of stability compared to the design values of race bikes etc., the crisp operability is slightly diminished, but it is a very comfortable ride from the harmony created by the moderate flexibility and the correct trail value. You can get the taste. And above all, in these days when carbon forks are often assembled even on steel bikes, I can strongly feel the gratitude that I can run with confidence because it is assembled with steel forks.

The 43 cm and 46 cm adopt 650B wheels, which are easy to handle even for women and small people, and thanks to the thick tire choice, you can run safely on any road surface, and at the same time, the suspension becomes stronger as the diameter of the wheel becomes smaller. It will be a perfect finish.


Please read this as well.

What is the difference between Surly and All-City in the first place?


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