ALLCITY Mr.Pink LTD Frame Set


Size Size: 49cm
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All-City's flagship model, Mr. Pink, is compatible with medium reach caliper brakes that are neither road racers nor touring bikes, and has tire clearances up to 32c.Modern sportifIt is a suitable bike to call.

What is Limited is Mr. Pink, which was equipped with a steel fork in the previous models, but in the Limited Edition, a road plus carbon fork made of whiskey parts designed for this frame is standard. It is.
Medium reach carbon forks with tire clearances up to 32c even have fender mounts. Speaking of medium reach carbon forks, what comes to mind isSeven original forksOrWound upSince it was two choices, it is very promising as a new choice.
Columbus Zona is used for the main tubing, and we have succeeded in significantly reducing the weight by updating the fork, but we have realized a light run without breaking the concept of Mr. Pink.

Photo By The Radavist

The distinctive color scheme is inspired by Eddy Merckx, a Motorola cycling team that was active in the 90's. The weight and driving advantage that can be obtained by combining a carbon fork with a steel frame is definitely large, but in mass production, the concept of enjoying such pure road riding is firmly like ourselves. I like the all-city that I am expressing. We will continue to pay attention to the bikes that are made from the perspective of those who use up their bikes every day.
A bike that can handle moderately high-tempo on-road riding and can run safely on dirt roads such as dirt roads and gravel roads. If you want to use this one unit without the boundary between daily life and play, it is a good idea to assemble the fenders as much as you want. Now, what kind of assembly do you use? Please feel free to contact us.

It will be sold as a frame fork, not as a finished car.

Size (unit: mm) 49cm 52cm
A Head Tube Angle (A) 71.5° 72.5°
B Seat Tube Angle (B) 74.2° 74.0°
C Top Tube Length (C) 530 545
D Seat Tube Length (D) 490 520
E Chainstay Length (E) 415 415
F Bottom Bracket Drop (F) 70 70
G Fork Offset (G) 43 43
H Total Fork Length (H) 375 375
I Head Tube Length (I) 125 145
J Standover (J) 760 790
K Wheelbase (K) 991 992
L Stack (L) 540 562.6
M Reach (M) 377.2 3837


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