ALL THINGS IN NATURE (450ml Refill / Refill)

SIZE: 450ml


94% biodegrades in 1 day, 100% biodegrades in 7 days.

A detergent that biodegrades, born from research into the treatment of offshore tanker accidents.
Biodegradation means that things are returned to the natural world through consumption (eating) by microorganisms, i.E, they are reduced to carbon dioxide and water.

The faster the speed of biodegradation, the less burden it places on the environment. All things in Nature" are mostly biodegraded in 24 hours.

Just a little bit of All things in Nature is enough to remove dirt.

Just one teaspoon (about 5 ml) is all you need to do laundry. There is little foaming and only one rinse, so there is no need to worry about using extra water.
It is also compatible with drum-type washing machines.

Lavender fragrance makes laundry pleasant to the touch.

Instead of preservatives, essential oils such as lavender are blended.
While washing clothes, the lavender scent wafts through the air, making laundry enjoyablE
Lavender essential oil also has antibacterial properties, so you don't have to worry about odor even if you dry your clothes indoors.

This single use is OK for hand-washed and dry-marked clothes, down-material clothes, and futons.

Since the liquid is neutral, it can be used to wash dry-marked items such as wool, silk, and cashmere, which do not tolerate strong alkalis.
Since there is little foaming, you can easily wash by hand with just a light rinsE

In addition, you can wash clothes made of waterproof and breathable materials, such as down and rainwear.
It can be washed together with your regular laundry, saving water and time, and is more economical.
Of course, it can also be washed by itself. (For details, please refer to the laundry test results.

No fabric softener is needed for a fluffy finish.

Once All things in Nature is removed from the fabric, the stain will not reattach to the fabriC This action causes each fiber to stand up and become soft and fluffy. When dried, the fabric hardly gets wrinkled.

No odor or clogging of drainage pipes.

All things in Nature" biodegrades 100% of oil quickly.

Oil re-agglomerates (once removed, the dirt hardens again, which leads to re-contamination).
This eliminates the need for cleaners in the laundry tub and drain pipes, as well as the odor and clogging of the drain pipes.

Can be used in low-temperature areas (water temperature 5°C) and hard water areas. Safe even in cold regions.

In cold regions, powdered soaps (including detergents) leave dissolved residue on clothes.
Liquid "All things in Nature" leaves no residue and can be used at water temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius.

It is a neutral detergent that is resistant to minerals and provides cleaning power even in areas with hard water.

It also works well with laundry aids.

It can be used in combination with oxygen bleach, alkaline agents such as heavy-layer and sesquicarbonate soda, and citric acid.

One rinse is all that is needed.

All things in Nature" is also low-foaming, but the surfactant used is about 1/9 of a typical detergent.

Residue on clothes is negligible at 0.00411g, about 1/6 of a typical detergent for a 3kg load of laundry with one rinsE From this point of view, one rinse is sufficient.
In addition, compared to soap, the amount of palm oil and coconut oil used in the production of All things in Nature is actually 1/100 of that used in soap.

In the case of drum-type washing machines, we recommend two rinses because the amount of water used is less and the detergent is more concentrated.

All things in Nature can be used to make all-purpose detergent.

Dilute "All things in Nature" in a spray bottle at a ratio of 1:4 to make an all-purpose detergent.
Spray on partial stains on the collar and sleeves of shirts and other garments, then wash.
For point stains such as spills, spray directly at the spray tip.
It can be used not only for laundry, but also for cleaning around water such as bathrooms, toilets, etC

Contents 500ml (for 100 times)
Ingredients Ingredients/detergent ingredients: Higher alcohol (non-ionic) 9%, coconut oil fatty acid alkanolamide 7%, fragrance ingredients: Natural essential oils (lavender oil, hoo oil, bergamot oil) 1%, others: Water 83% (no additives used at all) Liquidity: Neutral Uses: Washing cotton, linen, synthetic fibers, wool, silk fabrics

*Washed by JIS test method Biodegradation of ingredients: 94% (after 1 day)100% (after 7 days) *Clearance of OECD standard by DOC test method, an international test method
Country of origin Made in Japan
Main applications Washing of cotton, linen, synthetic fibers, wool, and silk fabrics (number of washing cycles is calculated based on 30 liters of water or 3 kg of clothing)
Washing machine type Spindle type, agitator type, rotary drum type
Main Features Uses 100% plant-derived cleaning ingredients that are gentle on skin and the environment.
A 500ml bottle can be used for 100 washes.
The first detergent in Japan to achieve a single rinse cyclE
No fabric softener is needed.
No phosphorus, fluorescent agents, preservatives, or other additives.
No phosphorus, fluorescent agents, preservatives, or other additives. ●Scented with lavender, bergamot, and hoo oil (5ml).
●Natural essential oils provide antibacterial and fragrance benefits.
The product is 94% natural in one day and 100% in one week.
5 pumps (approx. 5ml) is enough for one application.
Can be used to wash everything from cotton to wool, silk, and dry-marked products.
●Low foaming, one rinse, and compatible with rotary drum systems.
Can be used in low-temperature areas (water temperature 5°C~) and hard-water areas.
No odor or clogging of drainage pipes.
Cautions for use Use cooking gloves if you are concerned about roughness of hands due to exposure to essential oils. If it gets into eyes or is swallowed, vomit, drink water, rinse, etC, then consult a medical specialist. Keep out of reach of children. Some people may have allergic reactions to the natural essential oils (lavender oil, bergamot oil, and hio oil) contained in the ingredients.
Color of detergent solution There is no difference in the color of the detergent solution. If you are concerned about the color of the liquid, you may shake it.
Standard usage amount ● 5ml for 30 liters of water or 3kg of laundry (pump 5 times)
● 7-8ml for 60 liters of water or 6kg of laundry (pump 7-8 times)
*If the stains are not particularly bad, you can use a moderate amount (pump 2-3 times is OK).
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