A.Dugast Fast Bird Cotton Ori 27.5 ”

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The new model "Ernst" will be released in the 2015 season. Based on the idea of Nino Schurter, who won the MTB world championship three times, a mud condition course with high grip performance and an open structure tread with good mud brush, which was jointly developed after repeated tests in actual battles. It is a model specialized for. An unprecedented "tubeless tubular tire" that eliminates the inner tube. The name "Ori" is manufactured by applying a special process to the inside of the casing using Dugas's original manufacturing method. With extremely simple tires, only the casing, tread and base tape. Compared to the model with the existing inner tube, it is about 55g lighter and the rolling resistance is also reduced. And it is also a big point that there is no need to worry about so-called "rim blowout" due to its structure. The "Ori" model must always be infused with sealant before use. 

This item will be sold as a set of two.
* One for every two tires, a special sealant is included.

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