Get a bicycle, make your heart dance and go on the road as your heart goes.
Sometimes I go on a road without a road.
I can assure you that this is the best time.

"Bicycle", a tool that supports such a great time,
Your feet and wheels keep spinning around at your feet.

After all, I think "Isn't it a little easier?"
You also think, "I want to be a little cooler."
I want to respond to such thoughts, with that as the starting lineGORILLA SPANWas born.



Wheels are made up of a wide range of components including rims, hubs, spokes, nipples, tires, tubes and rim tapes.
Rather, there are too many parts and I don't know what to choose based on which criteria.
I think there are many people like that.
Therefore, we who touch many parts every day "GORILLA SPUN" Let's choose the parts that we feel "this is good" and make them propose as wheels, and I'm sure everyone will be happy. I thought you could.


We will answer your requestSpecial site for customWe have prepared.

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However, we chose the best for those customers who do not know what to choose.Stock wheelWe also have something called, so please check it out from the link below!  

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Just as each bicycle has its own orientation, so does the wheel.
We have lined up several numbers so that we can handle such many situations.
If you have a favorite wheel, you can purchase it at the store or at the Web Shop and install it on your car immediately.


OrConsultationHowever, it is also possible to assemble your own wheels. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the wheels that are already assembled.
Just like changing shoes when you want to go out in a new mood
If you change the wheels of your bicycle, you will feel refreshed and run.