BEDROCK Classic Sandals


Color: Olive Drab
Size: 11/12
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Bedlock sandals from Richmond, California with minimalist design and high performance. From everyday life to running and trekking, and as a companion for camping touring, these sandals will definitely fit our lifestyle.

Bedrock has a vision to make the best sandals that can be used in a variety of outdoor fields, and in 2011, two people with the dream of wearing those sandals to walk everywhere on earth and know everything Was established. Their sandals are based on sandals made of leather straps and soles traditionally used by hill tribes, and are very simple with nylon straps and plastic buckles substituted for that material.

Classic is a standard model using a 9mm thick sole, which is the standard in the bedrock lineup. The straps passed through the buckle at two points can be adjusted in each direction and fit the shape of the instep of the wearer, thus reducing stress and providing high fixing force. Has become. In addition, rubber straps are used to prevent slipping on the heel straps. This rubbery article is so durable that it's also used as a protective material on the strap that touches the ground, but it's actually made of this material, a waste tube familiar to us. .

A moderately thick Vibram sole provides minimal foot protection and grip for many fields. In addition, the ballistic nylon attached to the footbed not only improves the frictional force with the sole of the foot even when it is wet, but also plays the role of reducing the push-up from the sole of the foot such as a tree branch or a rock. Bedrock sandals with a simple and minimalist design, but from that product you can see their vision everywhere to make the best sandals.

Even today, it is difficult to provide a large quantity and color development to each and every one of Richmond's workshops and sandals that are carefully made, but little by little, many people are bedlock users. I am very pleased to hear that.

This classic is the successor to the Syncline. The construction is the same, and the thickness of some soles is reduced to 9mm.


You can check out the actual size by printing out.

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