BEDROCK Cairn 3D Adventure Sandals


COLOR: Turquoise
SIZE: 7/8
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Adventure sandals with improved comfort

Bedrock has a vision to make the best sandals that can be used in a variety of outdoor fields, and in 2011, two people with the dream of wearing those sandals to walk everywhere on earth and know everything Was established. Their sandals are based on sandals made of leather straps and soles traditionally used by hill tribes, and are very simple with nylon straps and plastic buckles substituted for that material.

Cairn 3D with a hood that is three-dimensional according to the shape of the foot

Cologne 3D is based on the new style sandals created by such bedrock, Cologne, and the footbed (midsole) is thick and three-dimensional. Sandals. ThatDedicated anatomically shaped footbedIsFirmly supports the arch of the toe and arch.

Strap system that fits everyone

The three straps centered on the O-ring on the instep part and the heel strap hold the foot even when the soles are wet or socks are worn. By using these straps, you can finely adjust the position of the foot on the sole. Since the angle of the thong and the position where the O-ring hits the instep can be finely adjusted, it is possible to minimize the stress of tightening on the foot even when firmly held.

The custom-made Vibram Regolith Vibram® Sole features deep grooves with a unique pattern for high grip and unobtrusive flexibility.

The secret of comfort lies in the parts that come into contact with the feet

Also called a geo patternThe terrain-like footbed surface is studded with small pentagons for excellent grip in dry and wet conditions. It creates an escape area for sweat and water, and keeps the skin in contact with the skin to keep it clean. In addition, the thickness is 8 mm, which is 2 mm more than the usual footbed, ensuring reliable cushioning and stability, and making it more comfortable to wear for a long time. 

Various functions

  • The three straps centered on the O-ring on the instep part and the heel strap hold the foot even when the soles are wet or socks are worn.
  • The Vibram Outgoing Regolith outsole features a unique pattern of deep grooves for high grip and unobtrusive flexibility.
  • Equipped with a 8mm thick Gopher midsole that is more durable, lighter and more elastic than EVA.
  • The new Geo-Pattern Hoodbed features grooved three-way traction that provides incredible grip in both dry and wet conditions while at the same time keeping your feet comfortable.
  • With a 16mm stack height, the sole is moderately thick and offers a variety of feels to protect your foot for superior durability.

■Introduction article

[BEDROCK SANDALS] 2020 model has arrived




(Men 4 / Women 5) Length 22cm | Width 8.3cm
(Men 5 / Women 6) Length 23cm | Width 8.7cm
(Men 6 / Women 7) Length 24cm | Width 9.2cm
(Men 7 / Women 8) Length 25cm | Width 9.5cm
(Men 8 / Women 9) Length 26cm | Width 9.8cm
(Men 9 / Women 10) Length 27cm | Width 10.3cm
(Men 10 / Women 11) Length 28cm | Width 10.6cm
(Men 11 / Women 12) Length 29cm | Width 11.1cm


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