HALISON Lambs Wool Thin Nikka Hoes W's


SIZE: 22-24
COLOR: Light Gray
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Thin Nikka Hoes using lamb wool.Harrison's eternal classic, traditional argyle pattern.
Recently, I don't see many Knickerbockers styles for mountaineering, but I still continue to make Knickerbockers because of Harrison, a long-established sock maker.

Due to the young hair of lamb wool, it is animated, plump, soft and elastic.
In addition, it is the best material for outdoor activities because it naturally has excellent heat retention and moisture absorption / divergence.

Although it is said to be thin, this type is actually more than enough for biking. It is also a favorite sock for winter messengers, and although it is made for summer mountain climbing, it is effective to wear it as an inner sock for layering in winter.

This Nikka Hoes, which covers up to above the knee when extended, is suitable not only for Knickerbockers but also for heat retention. 


● Size 22-24cm
● Quality 60% wool, 39% nylon, 1% polyurethane
● Material Lamb wool
● Knitting machine 168 jacquard
● Weight About 80g
● Thickness Medium thickness (thin for mountaineering)
● Pressure Medium (moderate fit)
● Applications trekking
● Function Toe / heel reinforcement
● Manufacturing Made in Japan

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