HALISON Lambs Wool Thick Nordic Nikka Hoes M's

COLOR: Beige / Yellow
SIZE: 24-26
In stock


Thick Nordic pattern Nikka Hoes using lamb wool.

Recently, I don't see many Knickerbockers styles for mountaineering, but I still continue to make Knickerbockers because of Harrison, a long-established sock maker.
This Nikka Hoes, which covers up to above the knee when extended, is suitable not only for Knickerbockers but also for cold weather.

With a heavy feel and a special thickness, these socks have excellent cold protection and heat retention, making them ideal for alpine and hard snowy mountains.

This product is a gem of mountaineering socks knitted with a custom-made jacquard knitting machine for mountaineering socks, which is only a few in Japan.

Please enjoy the unique comfort that you cannot taste anywhere else.


● Quality  65% wool, 34% nylon, 1% polyurethane 
● Material Lamb wool
● Knitting machine 144 thick jacquard
● Weight About 155g
● Thickness
● Pressure Moderate fit
● Applications trekking
● Function Toe / heel reinforcement
● Manufacturing Made in Japan

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