BLUE LUG Koma Light

Size Size: Front
Color: Black

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It is a small tail light "KOMA" of Tokyo's famous store BLUE LUG Select.

An excellent item that can be easily attached to any part of the car body such as fork ends, blades, rear stays and ends, racks, etc.

Mount on the fork crown using a light stay. There is also a way.
The installation location depends on your idea.

Despite its compact size, the front emits light for up to 8 hours, the rear emits light for up to 20 hours, and you can charge it with your own micro USB cable. The main body can be removed while leaving the pedestal, so you can easily take it indoors.



Body color: black, Silver, turquoise, copper
Emission color: White (for front) & Red (for rear)
Luminous mode (front): strong → medium → weak → blinking
Luminous mode (rear): Lights → blinks
Charging time (front): Approximately 2 hours (using Micro USB cable)
Charging time (rear): Approximately 2.5 hours (using Micro USB cable)
Material: Aluminum
Outer diameter: Approximately 3 cm
Includes M5, M6 bolts and washers

Depending on the shape of the micro USB plug, it may not be compatible and charging may not be successful. In that case, please prepare a type with a small head.

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