VELO ORANGE VO Quick Release Skewers

SIZE: 100,135mm
COLOR: Silver
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Italian racer Trio Campagnolo punctured at the 1927 Giro d'Italia. It turned out that the nut of the wheel cannot be removed to fix the wheel. The sudden cold wave of the year made it difficult for him to loosen the nuts and remove the wheels, numbing his hands. Shortly thereafter, he developed a quick-release skewer, a very, very famous anecdote.

The Vero Orange skewer is a reasonably light, well-made, inexpensive cam quick release skewer. Chrome-plated for greater grip and durability. It also comes with a non-loosening nylon insert. The other end is also equipped with an alloy housing, and the lever and cam are made of chrome steel so they won't break if overtightened.

Sold as a pair of 130-135mm rear and 100mm front.

1 pair / 135g

* When using a skewer for the disc hub, attach the lever to the drive side (the side without the disc). If installed incorrectly, the lever can get caught in the rotor on the non-driving side and become very dangerous.

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