SWRVE Over Under 6 "Cuff Merino Wool Sock


Color: Fissure
Size Size: S

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 Socks made from merino wool that combine excellent functionality with looks.

Based in Los Angeles, it continues to be loved as a staple of cycling apparel SWRVE  Socks with excellent functionality using merino wool and looks that are easy to combine with casual wear. It is hard to get stuffy even in summer and can provide the hygroscopicity and deodorant characteristics of wool, and it is useful in various activities such as running and trekking as well as cycling. Of course, I sweat a lot in my shoes in my daily life, so I would like you to use these socks to spend your day comfortably.

S (23-26 cm)
M (26-28 cm)
L (28-31 cm)
Merino Wool 65%, Lycra 15%, Elastic 15%, Polyamide 5%



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