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Introducing a children's pump from Yotsuba Cycle!

The hustle pump is designed to fit the height of the child and keep the height down so that you can rest your weight firmly from above.
There is no doubt that you will become more attached to your bicycle by inflating it yourself. I think it will be an entrance for people to like bicycles more.

Its small size makes it convenient to carry.

[Product features]
(1) A child-only inflator with a reduced height that can be used from a height of 100 cm.
(2) Uses a small valve head that can be easily installed even with a small space of 12 inches or 14 inches.
③ Compatible with American / French / English valves. It can be used not only for Yotsuba cycle but also for a wide range of bicycles.
④ Compatible with balls and floats with the attached attachment.

Target height 100cm ~
size H400 x W240mm
Maximum air pressure 50psi / 340Kpa
Hose length 60cm
Cylinder material aluminum
Corresponding valve American / Buddhist / English

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