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Based in Portland, where motorcycle culture is rooted, PORTLAND DESIGN WORKS (commonly known as PDW) continues to produce products centered on motorcycle accessories.Use the portable pump "Ninja Pump".

HereIt is a lightweight and highly portable portable pump.

It can be used as a normal portable hand pump, but it's a shame! It also functions as an inflator by using a Co2 pump cylinder for threading the upper part!

Moreover, it is also compatible with this guy, Buddhist style, and American style, so it's truly illusionary !!

The beauty of the CNC machined finish is also amazing.
And if you use the attached mount, you can attach it to the bottle cage pedestal.

Exactly ninjutsu! Excuse me!


Don't forget to pick up CO2 cartridges!


  • Alloy construction 
  • Control knob easily regulates CO2 flow
  • Composite pump mount fits under bottle cage
  • Weight: 74 g (2.6 oz)
  • Length: 147 mm (5.75 ")
  • Instruction manual (PDF)
  • Lifetime PD Warranty

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