SWIFT INDUSTRIES Jr. Ranger Pannier Set (Ecopak)

colour: Coyote
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USA is a bag brand based in Seattle, Washington SWIFT INDUSTRIES.. The bag, spun from 2008 by Martina and Jason, who are fascinated by camping touring, is not limited to functionality, but is meticulous in detail considering the user and a color that flutters at the moment of seeing. The ring is also a feature.

JR. RANGER PANNIERS is lightweight and flexible, with a model using "X-PAC" nylon fabric that has both high durability and waterproofness.Two models are available: cordura nylon for the outer material and a lightweight and waterproof X-PAC liner on the back.

With a capacity of 10 liters on each side, it can be said to be small, but if the left and right sides are combined, it is 20 liters.
It has enough capacity to match a large backpack.

The ironclad rule of bike packing is to place heavy luggage as low as possible on the bike. By doing this, the behavior of the bike will be stable without being shaken even if you dance, and the burden on your body will be greatly reduced even on a long road.

In addition, the front fork can be panniered lower than the rear fork, and handling is surprisingly stable. This Jr. RANGER PANNIERS is a pannier bag that perfectly clears those two points. (Of course, it is perfect even if it is attached to the rear)

The take-out port adopts a roll-top method and flexibly responds to the capacity of luggage.
He is a versatile player who can handle everything from bike packing trips, touring, and commuting to school. It is very easy to install on the rack and can be installed regardless of the manufacturer.

* Two sets, one for the right and one for the left.

From the 2022 model, the material has been completely transferred from X-PAC to Ecopak.

Ecopak is functionally equivalent to X-PAC, but it is manufactured in consideration of the environment, such as using 100% recycled polyester and a PFC (fluorine compound) -free water-repellent coating.


Color: Coyote, Black
Material: Ecopak
Size: Width 34 cm, height 26-44 cm, depth 11 cm
Bag weight: Approximately 750g (one side)
Capacity: Approximately 10 liters (one side)

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