PANARACER Seal Smart Sealant 120ml



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A tire sealant made from low-allergen latex rubber and walnut shells, developed by Panaracer. It can be used with confidence even by people with sensitive skin, and by using it for tubeless compatible tires, it demonstrates high air retention.

No matter what you hide, it's a very popular item as a sealant that Circles mechanics have been using recently.

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Capacity: 120ml
・ Approximately 2 to 4 road tires
・ For about 1 to 2 MTB tires

Estimated usage (for one bicycle)
・ Load: Approximately 60 to 90 ml
・ Cyclocross / gravel: Approximately 50 ~ 120ml
・ MTB (26 "27.5"): Approximately 90 ~ 120ml
・ MTB (29 "): Approximately 120 ~ 150ml

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