RAL High Kick Riding Jeans


COLOR: One Wash
SIZE: 26

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Best jeans for cyclists

ALL YOURSIt is a representative item of the brand that spread the name to the world, and it became an opportunity for us to start handling it.High Kick JeansAt first glance, it looks like 100% cotton, but it stretches better than any jeans.

Its comfort is likened to stress-free items such as sweatshirts and thick tights, and if you think of it as jeans and put your feet through it, you will feel betrayed in a good way.

However, the discoloration and the rubbing of the fabric, which appear firmly when worn, are like ordinary jeans made of 100% cotton.

Such high kick jeans have become an inseparable presence for us cyclists due to their excellent elasticity. However, ALL YOURS items were not originally made for cyclists.


LIFE SPEC / LIFE SPECFrom desk work to farm work, bicycles to hiking, and of course, when you're messing around at home, there are items that you can casually slip through your sleeves, and it's also stress-free and has functions for a comfortable stay. It is designed.


Then, we were born with the idea of making it easier for cyclists to use. High Kick Riding JeansWill be.


The best original line for cyclists

There are some differences from regular products, but the first thing I would like to introduce is the silhouette.

The width has been narrowed as much as possible so that the hem of the pants does not easily rub against the chain or chain ring. However, it is not just a matter of making it thinner.

A large amount of data was needed to express the silhouette as thin and beautiful as possible. So we asked All Yours to uncover all the data from the custom programs they routinely carry out in their stores and to get the perfect balance of the best lines we're looking for.


From button fly to zipper specifications

The button fly, which is a standard item for ALL YOURS pants, has been changed to a shipper. The zipper problem, which can be said to be the fate of elastic pants, has also been made possible by adjusting from the finishing stage of the fabric.

With this, you can take off and put on quickly without wasting 1 minute and 1 second.


One belt loop plus

In addition, two belt loops provided in the center of the back will be provided at positions offset from the center to the left and right. This is a bit of playfulness, and it all started with the idea of shifting it to the left to add details like the vintage 501. If so, I thought that if I added another one and prepared for two on the left and right, the belt would be able to hold the waist firmly even when taking a forward leaning posture. This will ultimately lead to durability. In fact, in the belt loops of High Kick Jeans that I have been wearing for three years, the one with the strongest damage is the back part. This is one of the best choices for long wear.


Leather patch with RAL branding iron

In addition, we have added an arrangement different from the regular line.RAL meets ALL YOURS In addition to the original name tag, the white tab with the letter D, which is the acronym for DEEPE'S WEAR, the previous brand name attached to the right back pocket, has been changed to green like the name tag, and the leather patch is branded with RAL. I treated it.

Originally, the color of this leather patch changes as you wear it, and wrinkles are engraved and the expression becomes deeper and deeper, but how the expression changes with the addition of branding iron. It is also our own pleasure.


Fabric that does not easily lose its shape

And one more thing, very importantly, the shape of ordinary jeans, especially stretch jeans, becomes very ugly when you wear them. However, the fabric used here is made using special threads, so it is almost impossible to lose its shape.



One Wash

Cotton 91%, Polyester 7%, Polyurethan 2%

JAPAN, Okayama


* Will be the actual size

(26 inch) Waist 64.5cm  Hip 91.0cm Inseam 78.0 cm Around the thigh 29.9cm Around the hem 13.3cm

(28 inch) Waist 67.5cm  Hip 96.0cm Inseam 80.0 cm Around the thigh 31.1cm Around the hem 14.3cm

(30 inch) Waist 72.5cm  Hip 101.0cm Inseam 80.0cm Around the thigh 32.3cm Around the hem 15.3cm

(32 inch) Waist 77.5cm  Hip 106.0cm Inseam 80.0cm Around the thigh 33.5cm Around the hem 16.1cm

(34 inch) Waist 82.5 cm  Hip 111.0cm Inseam 80.0cm Around the thigh 34.8cm Around the hem 16.9cm

(36 inch) Waist 87.5 cm  Hip 116.0cm Inseam 80.0cm Around the thigh 36.0cm Around the hem 17.7cm

(38 inch) Waist 92.5 cm  Hip 121.0cm Inseam 80.0cm Around the thigh 37.3cm Around the hem 18.5cm


* Values are actual sizes.

(26 inches) Waist 62.5 cm Inseam 78.0cm Thigh circumference 29.9cm Hem circumference 13.3cm

(28 inches) Waist 67.5 cm Inseam 80.0cm Thigh circumference 31.1cm Hem circumference 14.3cm

(30 inches) Waist 72.5 cm Inseam 80.0 cm ThighCircumference 32.3cm Hem circumference 15.3cm

(32 inches) Waist 77.5 cm Inseam 80.0cm Thigh circumference 33.5cm Hem circumference 16.1cm

(34 inches) Waist 82.5 cm Inseam 80.0cm Thigh circumference 34.8cm Hem circumference 16.9cm

(36 inches) Waist 87.5 cm Inseam 80.0cm Thigh circumference 36.0cm Hem circumference 17.7cm

(38 inches) Waist 92.5 cm Inseam 80.0cm Thigh circumference 37.3cm Hem circumference 18.5cm


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