RAL Fast Pass Player Pant


COLOR: Khaki

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Light and cool long pants with a smooth texture

This time as well, we received cooperationLIFE SPECFamiliar withDEEPER'S WEARMr. last year'sFast Pass Player ShortThis using the same fabric asFast Pass Player PantAre long pants that are light and can be worn without stress even in the summer. Made from 100% polyester, which absorbs moisture and dries quickly, it quickly absorbs sweat and dries, and of course, it has a smooth texture. It provides comfort. In addition, it is light and compact, so it is very convenient to carry in a bag for traveling and traveling.

Excellent elasticity and a clean silhouette

Also, when we ride a bicycle, go camping, go hiking, or play a lot of outdoor activities, the first thing that comes to mind is the ease of movement. Of course thisFast Pass Player PantIt stretches well and has excellent elasticity to smoothly follow the movement even when you are in a position that you do not take in daily life such as climbing. In addition, the line is arranged so that the hem does not interfere with the chain or chain ring when riding a bicycle. This was focused on functionality, but the result is a beautiful silhouette that matches not only relaxed silhouette clothing such as T-shirts and sweatshirts, but also collared clothing such as shirts and polo shirts. ..


Easy-to-use detail

The waist strap fasteners are similar to last year's Player Short and are very easy to put on and take off. There are three back pockets, one on the left side and two on the right side, and each pocket has a dot button to prevent it from accidentally dropping when you are enjoying some activity. I will. Also, of the two on the right side, the pocket on the outside fits comfortably in your smartphone. This is not only to increase the storage capacity, but it is also installed so that it does not interfere with pedaling even if you store a smartphone etc. The other day, I enjoyed the trail ride with my smartphone actually stored, but it didn't bother me at all, and I forgot to put it in my pocket.



Polyester 100%

* Will be the actual size
(2 / Ladies M) Waist 61.5~86cm Hip 99.0cm Rise 25.7cm Inseam 74.0cm around the peach 66.0cm around the hem 28.6cm

(3 / Men ’s S) Waist 65.5~90cm Hip 103.0cm Rise 26.7cm Inseam 74.0cm around the peach 68.0cm around the hem 29.8cm

(4 / Men ’s M) Waist 69.5~94cm Hip 107.0cm Rise 27.7cm Inseam 74.0cm around the peach 70.0cm around the hem 31.0cm

(5 / Men ’s L) Waist 73.5~100 cm Hip 111.0cm Rise 28.7cm Inseam 74.0 cm around the peach 72.0 cm Around the hem 32.2cm

(6 / Men ’s XL) West 77.5~104 cm Hip 115.0cm Rise 29.7cm Inseam 74.0 cm around the peach 74.0cm Around the hem 33.4cm

* Values are actual sizes. The waist value (~ cm) is the value when the rubber is stretched.

(2 / Lady's M) Waist 61.5 ~ 86cm Hip 99.0cm Rise 26.4cm Inseam74.0cm Width 66.4cm Hem width 14.3cm

(3 / Men's S) Waist 65.5 ~90cm Hip 103.0cm Rise 27.4cm Inseam 74.0cmWatanabe68.4cm Hem width 14.9cm

(4 / Men's M) Waist 69.5 ~94cm Hip 107.0cm Rise 28.4cm Inseam 74.0cm Watanabe70.4cm Hem width 15.5cm

(5 / Men's L) Waist 73.5 ~100 cm Hip 111.0cm Rise 29.4cm Inseam 74.0cm Watanabe72.4cm Hem width 16.1cm

(6 / Men's XL) Waist 77.5c ~104cm Hip 115.0cm Rise 30.4cm Inseam 74.0cm Watanabe74.4cm Hem width 16.7cm


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